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The 10 Must-Know Assignment and Essay Writing Tips For All Students.

OnlineAssignmenthelp.com’s experts have put together a comprehensive collection of the top assignment and essay writing guides and resources so you can produce flawless copies for all your subjects.

The Different Stages of Assignment and Essay Writing

Out of the several kinds of assignments students are supposed to write, essay happens to be an important one. Writing an essay need not be a challenge if you are familiar with the different stages of essay writing. Here’s how you should start and proceed with your essay-

i. Analyze the question and gather all the key words related to it to answer it correctly
ii. Conduct extensive research by looking into journals, books and other relevant resources
iii. Chalk up an effective writing plan and keep track of your progress
iv. Start with the writing process and create the first draft
v. Once done, revisit your essay after a couple of days and make necessary changes to it. Read your essay aloud and cross-check the points made while doing so
vi. Proofread your essay after finishing up your second draft and making the changes you deem fit and then submit it to your examiner
Instructional Words Pertaining To Essays/Assignments

Following are the words that are used in essay and assignment questions-

    1. Discuss
    2. Examine
    3. Critically analyze
    4. Summarize
    5. Compare
    6. Contrast
    7. Demonstrate
    8. Interpret
    9. Comment upon
    10. Justify
    11. Trace
    12. Give an account of
    13. Relate
    14. Elaborate
    15. State
    16. Define
    17. Clarify
    18. Distinguish
    19. Show with the help of a diagram
    20. Prove

10 Important Rules of Writing Essays and Assignments

In order to write a perfect essay, you need to follow certain rules. Here are 10 rules you absolutely must abide by-

    1.   Make the structure of your essay your focus. You should plan every paragraph and ensure it answers the question while gradually developing.

    2.   Highlight the core argument of your essay in the introductory paragraph itself and make it a point not to write misleading statements

    3.   Every paragraph of your essay should touch upon a new point relating to the topic while supporting the argument you make

    4.   Use connecting terms at the beginning and end of each paragraph to establish links between your paragraphs

    5.   When presenting your own viewpoint, back it up with supporting facts and figures

    6.   Highlight every quotation in your essay to make them stand out

    7.   In the conclusion of your essay, restate your central argument

    8.   Ensure you write every abbreviation in its proper form so that the reader is not confused

    9.   Follow the rules of academic writing or the rules laid down by your examiner while writing the essay to make a good impression

    10.   10. Edit, proofread and make changes until you’re absolutely satisfied with your essay

The Right Way To Answer Essay and Assignment Questions
Every single essay given your by professor centers round a question, which you need to answer while writing your essay. The question concerned should be answered within the main body of your essay and with the help of supporting data, which you’ve gathered while researching for the essay topic assigned to you.
When trying to answer the essay question in the correct way, look for the central keyword in the question. This keyword can direct you towards the right answer of the question concerned.

Best Tips For Writing Introductions and Conclusions To Your Assignments and Essays
Correctly written introductions and conclusions of your essay can heighten the quality of your paper and ensure a great grade. Here are some valuable tips for writing both-


  1. The introductory paragraphs of your essay must clearly define the central theme and issues of your paper. You should also mention the core keywords here

  2. The approach you wish to take in your essay should be clearly laid out in the introduction along with the conclusion you aim to draw


  1. Your conclusion should be a compilation of the key arguments you’ve made in your paper to put your point across

  2. The answer to the central question of your essay must also be made here along with the process you used to arrive at this answer

  3. Conclude your essay with the possibility of further research and reading

Editing and Proofreading Your Assignment

You cannot afford to have any kinds of errors in your assignment/essay. These can cost you valuable grades. So before submitting your paper, it is essential that you edit it at least a couple of times so all major mistakes are duly rectified. Here are some tips to help you out with editing and proofreading your assignment-


  1. While editing your paper, check if the central question is correctly answered

  2. Check the structure, the presentation, the data and the language when editing your essay


  1. Wait a day or two before proofreading your essay; mistakes are not instantly visible after finishing the writing process

  2. Check the essay thoroughly for any kinds of common mistakes or oversight

  3. Check punctuations, grammar and spellings extra carefully as errors in these can make you lose marks

Definition of Plagiarism and Why You Should Maintain Academic Integrity
Plagiarism is the most heinous crime you can commit while writing your essay/assignment. Plagiarism can be defined as directly copying the work of another and crediting it as your own. You will be caught and punished for plagiarism if you-

    • Submit a paper that was not written by you

    • Submit a paper under your name whose material was copied from another source, whether entirely or partially

    • Submit a paper with stolen ideas without giving due credit to the author concerned

Academic integrity is crucial if you wish to avoid plagiarism and its consequences. Academic integrity can be referred to as the academic responsibility and honesty you maintain while writing your papers. Both students and faculty alike should uphold and maintain academic integrity and strictly follow the rules it lays down. This means that giving credit to the author concerned whose ideas have been borrowed for assignment writing.

Correct Way To Reference An Assignment/Essay
Citation is the only thing that can save you from the consequences of plagiarism. You must reference all of your essays in the prescribed format, mentioning every single source you used for the construction of your essay.
You must also mention acknowledgments when composing your paper and is giving due credit can also prevent your paper from being labeled as plagiarized. You can refer to our full guide on how to reference and acknowledge your paper accurately to know more.

Common Referencing Styles
Although your professor will prescribe just one referencing style to be followed per assignment, several other types of citation styles exist. Citations can be made in-text, in footnotes and even at the very end of your assignment. Here’s a list of the most commonly prescribed referencing styles in schools and universities-

    • Chicago
    • APA
    • MLA
    • Havard
    • Oxford
    • Turabian
    • AGLC
    • BMJ
    • OSCOLA
    • MHRA
    • Open
    • Vancouver

Definition of Critical Writing
To write critically is a task often assigned by professors to students. Critical writing can be defined as a declaration in support of or against the views of another author. Arguments must be made after analysis and should be backed up well. A critical writing task is designed specifically to improve your analytical skills and test your ability to pay attention to details. Check out our guide on critical writing to fine tune your skills

OnlineAssignmenthelp.com’s How-To Guides
OnlineAssignmenthelp.com is here to help you with every step of academic writing. Our very talented and experienced academic writing experts have composed in-depth guides for you so you can refer to them whenever you need. Go ahead and explore our expertly crafted academic writing guides-

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