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The potential influence of carbon market on clean technology change in Saudi Arabia

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Posted : 22 February, 2019
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The work includes the detailed explanation for the ionic conductor with the function of the electrolytes that keeps the positive and the negative electrodes mainly apart with the prevention of the electrical short. It also allows to carry a rapid transport for the ionic charge carriers as well. (Li et al., 2017). No accumulation of the decomposition of the products is allowed on the interface, where the broader operating change in the temperature range has also the discharge of the different forms of cyclic properties. The liquid organic electrolytes, which includes he conductivity by the ions has the chemical stability with respect to the electrodes. The real time applications are to calculate the revenue of the seller to handle the electrical power with the expenditures of buyer for using the power of electric standards. The energy sellers tend to pay and buyers will work on the ISO price. The LMP based marketing pricing with overall collection set through the transmission which is generated in an inevitable form. (Stoft, 2002). The day ahead forms of LMP will work on providing the pricing signals to the energy sellers to adjust the offer prices with sequence set to bid the cycle. It will increase the congestion charge where the traders can curtail the transactions to relieve the congestion and reducing the charge of congestion. The short term pricing signal is consistent with the needs which will help in improving the competition of the market and the reliving of transmission constraints. (Gope et al., 2016).

The LMP is important to hold the efficient and the transparent economic signals which will be important for the investment of equipment and promoting the competitiveness of electricity market. It will also improve the security of the network and efficiency based on the competitive wholesale energy market.

Key indicators of environmental performance include spills, greenhouse gas emissions, etc. In general, the three main challenges are: providing a significant amount of additional energy to promote development and reduce poverty, keep supplies safe from disturbances and do so in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Given the large amount of CO2 emissions from the production process and the relatively small amount of CO2 emissions in the consumption process, Saudi Arabia faces a serious challenge to the imbalance in economic growth and carbon dioxide emissions. If the pattern of consumption and production in developed countries doubles, it is likely that Saudi Arabia will experience a pattern of development to boost economic growth and significantly improve living standards.
But at the same time it risks and suffers from a large amount of consumption of resources and CO2 emissions. There is an urgent need for an integrated, systematic and scientific plan for the implementation of a low carbon society in Saudi Arabia.
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