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The impact of information technology on the tourist behavior

Posted : 26 March, 2019
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1.1 Background

Information technology has developed as a major factor that can be associated with an overall development in almost all aspects of developmental implications. In the recent times the field of information technology has viewed a large amount of innovative changes and thus the rate of operation has also increased many folds. In terms of organizational possibilities, the use and impact of information technology has grown at a huge scale and thus all of the major industries have found a perfect place for their approval. A major fact that has influenced the developmental implications associated with information technology is related to its ability to process requests at a much larger rate and thus impact the time constraints related to any organizational setups. All of the major operational setups like manufacturing, human resources, security and finance, that relate with an overall association in an organization and its success have a major use of information technology. Another major factor that is related to use of information technology is its ability to monitor various transactions along with the supply and demand. The availability of large scale tools and information digitization perspectives are another major factor that is related to development of any organizational setup.

As the influence of information technology is gaining its importance in all other sectors of businesses, it is also largely accepted phenomenon in one of the most drastically developing sector of business that is the tourism industry. The tourism industry in India is largely affected with the involvement of information technology. There are several organizations that are prominent in Indian tourism industry and they have experienced an enormous amount of development with the application of information technology (Coxandkings.com, 2018). Among various travel companies in India, Cox & Kings Ltd. is a major company that provides tourists with all the traveling requirements in India. The company provides their customers with required services within India with a proper utilization of different factors under information technology. Since its establishment in 1758, the company has evolved on a large scale due to its adaptive nature. Currently, the company is one of the most important parts of Indian tourism industry for providing both international as well as domestic touring services (Law et al. 2014). The company also has an effective staffing and customers that add to its legacy as one of India’s earliest travel organization. The basic operations at Cox & Kings Ltd. comprise of three services which are namely, Bharat Dekho, Inbound and Outbound tours. The Bharat dekho package which is of major importance to the company includes trips to different places of historical and cultural importance. Apart from this, the inbound services include ticketing, planning round trips and booking hotels. But the main source of establishment that is taken in to consideration for this organization is the Bharat dekho packages. Outbound services available at Cox & Kings include various packages for international destinations. These packages are distinct based on the basis of standards, budget and luxury. The company tops the chart for top touring services company in India with revenue of 2500 Crores INR. The company is very committed to its customer relationship management perspectives through application of innovation based initiatives throughout its operational structure. In addition to this, the company also has an efficient workforce strength of 400 employees all across the globe in order to provide the services based on customer requirements.
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