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The Death Of cinema

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Posted : 02 January, 2019
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Sandra Jordan

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The illusion of movement created by recording and successional accelerated projection of such recordings comprising still pictures, on a screen is what we call, ‘Cinematography’. This invention of 19th century has expanded so vastly that now it has engaged thousands of people and has become an industry. This is now, in the current scenario, has become the amplified mode of mass communication and entertainment. But, the question which will be dealt with in this essay is, had we lost the real essence of ‘cinema’ over all these years since its birth…. Or are we heading towards the death of cinema? It was stated that cinema itself has motived the possibilities of its uncertain future and the advancements in the technological innovations has contributed to the same (Belton 2014). The transformation started with the development of our fine arts, their types and establishment of advanced uses; the time has changed as previously the power of action of men was insignificant as compared to what they have today (Frampton 2004). This essay will endeavor to explore the reasons behind the diminishing of cinema from vantage standpoint of history which is the result of technological revolution in the cinema.

The amazing growth of the technology has led to the remarkable adaptability and fidelity, but at the same time the present-day cinema has also attained some serious changes that are thwarting the “Beautiful” ancient craft (Valéry1964). The alarming sound which warned the death of cinema was acknowledged and heard by many critics, theorists and filmmakers and they could predict that the end of cinema is near or has almost arrived. The ‘cinema’ here is inclusive of its various forms such as silent cinema, the cinema of montage and expressionistic mise-en-scene which was considered to be the foundation of the images (Simpsonet al. 2004). The modern day technologies which constitute the advancements in sounds, widescreens, 3D and colors are considered to be threats to the chastity of the ancient art of cinema (Arnheim1957). The pure form of cinema was the one which was silent, black and white and was mostly square and the insertion of sound to the action was considered to be ‘quite ruinous’and it was conclusively said that ‘the screen or cinema has lost more than it has gained’. The grief was expressed as the developments in the cinema have though conquered the world of voices, yet, it has lost the world of dreams (Weiset al. 1985). The development of media has two-fold aspect, on one hand it has jeopardized cinema to destroy itself through intrinsic technological progress, and on the other hand, it has become the potential sufferer of other forms of media.

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