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Resisting through culture- Conflicts in Europe and beyond

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Posted : 04 February, 2019
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Chelsea Tompson

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The cold war era has seen a multitude of human right violation and human atrocities especially in the last decade of twenty first century. Prisoners assassinated during revolt in the prison of Oso Blanco the Amazonian state of Rondonia where the victims where shot, hung, or tossed frim the roof by inmates of rival bands. In Indian city of Godhra a train filled with Hindu activists was attacked by small Muslim group, who fired two cars killing 27 persons which in turn triggered violent loop of revenge in form of religious enmity 2000 Muslims within 4 days destroying houses, mosques and trade centres(Abouraya and Wheatley, 2016). Hundreds of women were raped and mutilated in front of there families. At later stage it turned out to be a planned with approval and collaboration from local authorities and government. Another such incident where a Muslim child was shot in head by Taliban because she protested against the order that restricted education of girl child.

Such incidents resulted in penning down of their whole personal experience in the form of memoir and biography which depicted the whole journey they had been in and the social and political dogma they faced. Human attribute of empathy towards such incidents made them a conduit for awareness of rights. One such book written by Malala Yousafzai with the title I am Malala which pressurizes on right to education of girls as fundamental human right and secularism. However, the book has been more successful in foreign countries than its home country i.e. Pakistan. This stresses us to look at the book beyond a simple narration of past incident(Afzal, 2015). It is necessary to analyse the book as a successful memoir to publicize and market the area of human right concern and to promote secularism.

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