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Intermediary elements of Indian cinema with classic or contemporary literature

Posted : 12 January, 2019
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Marcia Forrest

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1.0 Introduction

Intermediality is referred to as an observable pattern rather than a tool or a method. A distinct feature of contemporary media discourses and art is an acknowledgment that media and art should not be studied in their development, specifications, and rules, but in the broader context of correlations and differences (Petho, 2010, p.40) .A significant notable aspect about Indian cinema is that a shift of paradigm is currently taking place. In a range of media and art discourses, a diverse range of concepts have been developed to characterize the specific relationship between media and the arts. In the similar line, the idea of intermediary is exactly like the concept of transferability or multimediality. Transmediality is a term used in the studies of intermediality, and is different from intermediality. The major difference between intermediality and transmediality is that former has the clear origin medium. Multimediality and intermediality are often used interchangeably (Kattenbalt,2006, p.1).

The LMP is important to hold the efficient and the transparent economic signals which will be important for the investment of equipment and promoting the competitiveness of electricity market. It will also improve the security of the network and efficiency based on the competitive wholesale energy market.

In Wagner’s music drama’s narrativity is, of course, still very much present in its traditional, linear form, yet it is also a narrativity that is multimedially derived – it depends not simply on a linear story, but also on musical themes and motifs that predict, comment on, and refer fore- or backwards to other story lines or characters.

intermediality can also be more broadly conceived as ‘relations between media’, whereby – in imitation of ‘intertextuality’ – all media are thought of as nodes in a network of other media. Higgins locates the intermedial between existing media as a force of renewal, Aumont reads the intermedial as an in-between within a specific (multi)medial domain23. This could mean that multimedially constituted

Within the perspective of Indian cinema, the intermediary is pertinent because of the frequent use of the context in different discourses.

It is essential to specify the context in which intermediary elements are utilized. For example, the intermediary aspects of modern Indian cinema would be used within the perspective of exploring the co-relationships between arts and media. The study also focuses on thematic trends and intermedial elements of the modern Indian Cinema. This ultimately aims to understand the manner in which Indian Cinema is used as a medium to communicate political, social and economic dynamics of the Indian community in the form of narrative (and performative?) art.

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