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Did you know there are over 20 types of essays? Yes, that is right. There are actually that many! Over the course of your student life, you will be asked to write several of these types with descriptive essays being one of them. Descriptive essays are different from your standard essays as they are all about a detailed description of something you wish to write on. As with all other essays though, you have to know how to write them properly so your assessor can award you with the best grades.

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By Lydia Sserwadda | 2019-02-04 | 129 | Tags : Assignment Dissertations Essay Coursework Homework

Among the pile of pending essays sitting on your desk, expository essay happens to be one of them. While you are confident you can manage the rest, the expository essay is posing to be a problem. You just can not fathom the best way to write one and do not know how you will clear your academic year with good grades if this type of essay is done in a poor manner. You are in a fix and you wish you could get some help.

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By Sanjana Costa | 2019-03-21 | 234 | Tags : Assignment Dissertations Essay Coursework Homework

Not all essays have to be boring and the kind that nobody would want to read. Essays can be interesting too. More so when they are personal in nature and based on real or fictional stories. Such essays always manage to grab the attention of a wider audience and can be a lot of fun to write as well! And yes, they can be and are assigned by professors and teachers in schools and universities.

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By Caseyf Savage | 2019-01-14 | 172 | Tags : Assignment Dissertations Essay Coursework Homework

Winning an argument is an amazing feeling is not it? Managing to convince others that you are actually right about something is both challenging and exhilarating at the same time. Well, that is exactly what persuasive essays can be! The purpose of a persuasive essay to convince your readers to agree to your point with the help of research and sound arguments. They can actually be very exciting to write on. Once you know how to write one of course.

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By Chelsea Tompson | 2018-10-15 | 356 | Tags : Assignment Dissertations Essay Coursework Homework

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